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Galaxy Tumble Guide

Galaxy Tumble Guide

By: Kunpo

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This is a ghost animal game that requires you to have full patience and drives you crazy!

There are various organs in the universe paradise. By using the props in the scene, the little monsters can be teleported smoothly...

In the game, you can’t control the characters, nor the monsters. All you can do is spin the big turntable and watch everything rolling around in it... Anyway, it’s crazy and magical~

The game is still being tested, and I look forward to seeing you soon! The specific gameplay can be seen in the video that will be released later~

The game has no gravity sensing mode, don't try to turn the phone, shake the phone, it's useless!

PS: The game currently has no BGM, and the video background music is not in-game music, only for internal display~~

Galaxy Tumble Guide
Hossam Galal

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