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Card Monster: Dungeon

Card Monster: Dungeon

By: 木七七游戏工作室

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On the basis of "Card Monster" after two years of hard work, we will bring you a single-player card game with DBG+Roguelike gameplay: "Card Dungeon". As the rumor of "Card Monster", we will maintain our usual relaxed and humorous style, and we will continue the classic monsters of "Card Monster", but there will still be completely different gameplay.

1. DBG+Roguelike gameplay: Ten thousand years before the timeline came to "Card Monster", magic cards have not yet been invented, and the human world and other worlds are full of dimensional channels called "Chaotic Pathways". You will be driving an airship with powerful support capabilities, rushing between the towns where the passages appear, training adventurers, and destroying monsters. Therefore, every adventurer you meet has its own characteristics, and the dungeons and monsters you face are also different from time to time.

2. "Team" concept: In a DBG game that emphasizes the concept of "team", you will choose 3 people from various professions with distinctive characteristics to form a team. Each profession has its own strengths and weaknesses, and your deck needs cards of different professions to work together to operate efficiently. At the same time, "Explore the Unknown Dungeon in Team Form" will also give players a more pure dungeon experience.

This time, we hope to convey to the players our understanding of DBG: a brilliant match and a beautiful deck.

Welcome to "Card Dungeon", welcome to the world of DBG, welcome to join the "Shuffle Club!"

Card Monster: Dungeon
Hossam Galal

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