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Fantasy World Record

Fantasy World Record

By: 星辉游戏

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Yujun Aoting's 25-year stand-alone terminal game "Han Shilu" classic remake, officially launched the official mobile game!

The millennium covenant, the fantasy world restarts. Crisis broke out in the ancient Farusion continent again, and the heroes of the past will regroup! Continuing the story of the previous work, all the protagonists of the past have appeared! Innovative system combat, open plot creation, cross time and space with you, open a new adventure story!

[Game Features]

**Genuine license, 25 years of classic epic continuation**

Authentic authorized by Yujun Aoting, landed on the mobile platform for the first time! Continuing the exquisite and elegant European and American painting style and thrilling adventure story of the previous work, all popular characters of the past have appeared, and new partners are joining! The heroes gather again to continue writing new legends on the Farusion continent!

**Hero collection, free evolution and conscience development**

Nearly a thousand heroes are available for you to collect and develop freely to satisfy your desire to collect! Each hero has an independent evolution direction, R card surpassing SSR is not a dream!

**Skill combination, fair play to reverse the game**

The five attributes restrain each other, and individual heroes can be freely combined! Strategic battle, who is the ultimate king!

**Dominate the gods, fight freely in real-time PK**

In addition to the thrilling copy of PVE, the game also has a wealth of PVP gameplay for players to compete. Quickly put aside all your worries and have a passionate "routine" battle with your friends. Before the last moment, there is a chance to come back against the wind!

Fantasy World Record
Hossam Galal

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