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Ainroa: Chapter of the Origin of Alchemy

Ainroa: Chapter of the Origin of Alchemy

By: 北京视游互动科技有限公司

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"Ainroya Alchemy Origin Chapter" is a two-dimensional free exploration strategy RPG game jointly developed by Ji Lei Games and Video Game Interactive.

The story of the game comes from an ancient legend:

According to legend, this continent has a thousand layers in total, floating in the universe in a staggered layer---this is the "Drifting Continent of Melaleuca"

On one of the floors, there is a place called "Ain Loya"

There are many countries here, but under the oppression of the divine power, the terrible slavery is everywhere...

Over time, the technique of fusing and transforming the forces of nature was born-"Alchemy"

Soon after, "Alchemy" was spread to "Ain Loya" and people began to grow stronger.

One day, the genius alchemist "Non Golden Seal" relied on alchemy to lead the heroes to fight against the uppermost ruler, King Chadsil, but no one knew the result.

Ten years later, a group of young people with love and hope set off from Nanka, a small country in "Ain Loya", to the border of the mainland...

Ainroa: Chapter of the Origin of Alchemy
Hossam Galal

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