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Fantasy Shinki

Fantasy Shinki

By: 弘煜科技

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Senluo Vientiane

Gensokyo where gods and ghosts live

In a catastrophe

Peaceful daily life is subverted by evil gods

The legend is lost

Broken Shintos are scattered all over the world

The world has also entered the era of the end of the law

At this moment, my will on behalf of the gods

Please befriend me

Retrieve the forgotten legend...

"Fantasy God" is a real-time battle and character development mobile game, with its delicate and unique ink painting style to restore myths and legends picture scrolls. In the final catastrophe, the realm of all phenomena is shattered and scattered all over the world. Players will "befriend" the gods to find the fragments of the world, find the lost gods, and regain their former glory.

[Game Features]

——Beautiful ink painting, Ji Shen painting scroll

In terms of art, the game adopts a strong and recognizable ink painting style, depicting over a hundred Ji gods and spirits with delicate brushstrokes and rich details, restoring mythological and legendary scrolls.

——Fengman people set up a plot to create an oriental mythical world

This work is produced by Liu Yuchang, the father of "Fantasy of Wind", as the plot director. "Stigmata Fantasy" is the main creator of the brave rabbit and participates in the deep optimization of the plot. Integrate the myths and legends of the Three Kingdoms of China, Japan and India to create a full-featured plot and create a fantasy world of Tianma and starry sky.

——Command strategy, stop displacement every time

The attributes are mutually restrained, the spirits are connected, the lineup is adjusted freely, and the team position is freely controlled! Together to protect our Senluo Vientiane World!

——Equipped with the Wuling system and courtyard system to deepen the bond experience

Shen Ji and Wu Ling work together to unlock a new experience; with a personalized courtyard, you can develop your exclusive Ji God.

——Listen to the ears, accompanied by well-known voice actors whispering softly

Daqiao Caixiang, You Mubi, Takahashi Li Yi and other well-known voice actors performed their strengths.

——Real-time battle, cut-in animation help

In real-time battles, Upani releases a small theater with personality.

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Fantasy Shinki
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