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Have you ever wondered what our world looks like from the perspective of a dog?

A flash of darkness

Suddenly no home

I don't remember what happened

But i remember your face

The cherry blossoms in early spring are blooming

Is your taste in memory

I must find my way home

Even if you are hungry, cold, sick, humiliated, or arrested

I'm only afraid of you

Don't remember me anymore...

This is a journey home from a unique perspective, clearing the fog and looking for every clue.

This is a journey of courage to survive, to avoid danger, and to face difficulties and challenges.

This is a spiritual journey of love and responsibility, understanding and trust, overlapping loss and hope.

This is an independent horizontal narrative adventure game in which a dog sees the world and the dog sees the heart.

The game is embodied by layered hand drawing, 3D modeling and unique rendering methods

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Thanks to Weibo blogger Chengdu Pets for adoption, Nanning Pet Love Youjia Stray Animals Station for friendly forwarding

Hossam Galal

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