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Troubled times

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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"Clash of Troubles" is a real-time siege war strategy mobile game with the background of the Three Kingdoms. The game integrates general training, city battle offensive and defensive, army cooperation and other gameplay methods, which highly restore the essence of war strategy games. Players will segregate one side in the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms, collect all the famous beauties of the Three Kingdoms, and form their own invincible army to siege and seize the land. Conquer the world by force and strategy, and gradually move towards the road of the emperor to conquer the world. The troubled times are resurrected, and the heroes look at the present!

[Development of the strategy of collocation of arms of famous generals]

Seeking talents, recruiting famous generals from the Three Kingdoms, bow riding and other types of combinations, four lineups of Wei, Shu and Wu, multiple ranks, and the fate of military generals, deriving a large number of unique combinations to help you run through the chaotic world and ride the battlefield!

[Thousand-Man City Army Corps is out to siege the city and plunder the land]

The remnants of the Yellow Turban are in chaos frequently, and the princes of the world have sent troops to annihilate them. Large-scale legions are playing siege and plunder the land to start a thousand-man siege war! Hundreds of cities are free to attack and plunder, resist horses, towers, camps... all kinds of war elements are faithfully restored, and the flames are burning all over Kyushu, to see who can enter the imperial city and dominate the world!

[Classic battles, immersively fight the Three Kingdoms again]

Reproduce the classic battles of the Three Kingdoms, such as the burning of Chibi, the Flooding of the Seven Armies, and the Battle of Hulaoguan, restore the magnificent scene of the battle, with storms, surprise attacks, and tricks to lure enemies. Let the lord be immersed and fight the Three Kingdoms side by side with the famous generals!

[Valkyus challenged the famous generals to cast an artifact again]

The real powerhouse dares to face the challenge, and the gameplay of Valkyrie Biographies provides the master with the opportunity to challenge the famous generals of the three countries. Lu Bu, Liu Guanzhang, Zhang Liao, Zhao Yun and other well-known celebrities arrive every day, waiting for you to have a peak duel between the strong! Challenge famous generals to harvest a large number of artifact fragments, cast exclusive artifacts for love generals, and increase your combat power!

[Festival construction resources are full of warehouses to help become the emperor]

Self-built feudal cities, appoint military commanders to reclaim and build, hoard resources to develop the army to enhance combat power, and help the lord to build a million heroes. Legion members can also help each other to shorten the construction time, and there are random free acceleration benefits to make the lord a step faster and straight to the top!

[Interaction with Random Events of Beauty Pageant in the Garden]

Selected female canonized beauties, amorous beauties not only have their own special bonuses, but specific combinations can activate additional effects and enhance their combat power in all directions! The pear garden gameplay randomly triggers interesting interactions such as fishing, flower viewing, boxing quiz, etc. Not only will there be a huge amount of resources in your pocket, but it may also capture the beauty, and take the initiative to join it~

Troubled times
Hossam Galal

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