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Enchantress plan

Enchantress plan

By: 青瓷

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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In the "Kedalia World" that was about to collapse, a primary school student fell into this place,

From then on, he will face the second NPC who urged her to save the world alone, and lead the strangely cute and cute enchantress, meet a few roadside allies that may be reliable, and start a doomsday battle that may be victorious...

This missed elementary school student is you (─.─||)

*****Game Features*****

[Simple style can also be cute]

From the first judgment of the fascinating style of painting from the hands of the kindergarten soul painter, to the discovery that the demon’s expression is dynamic and natural and cute, and he has no immunity to these simple creatures such as grass spirits and wheels. You can get up with a nine-tailed fox~

【Classic Japanese turn-based system】

Return to the most tactical turn-based combat method. When you are busy, you can automatically sweep levels to accumulate resources. When you are free, you can manually release magic to defeat powerful bosses and earn high profits. It is up to you to burn your brain or leisure~

[Flash it! The strongest ambassador

Hundreds of Familiars, 5 attributes, each with completely different skills and characteristics, no matter how many stars are drawn, Familiars are all useful, and I will always look forward to the next Familiar with a flash of light~

[Research and Growth Super Pleasure]

These cute messengers are getting stronger day by day. You can control them to upgrade, awaken, and fight, and put them in golden suits so that they can learn to observe the enemy’s weakness and learn to cooperate with each other to win. It’s really interesting to think about it~

[Come to the challenge, my friend]

In this world guarded by the great god "Aim Ze Dedi Ov Ze Ward", we advocate fighting for peace through war, so that the demons must not only lay a solid foundation through the PVE copy, but also regularly go to the competition. Compete against other ambassadors in the field, test your own strength, help each other through the sanctuary of friends, form alliances, and prepare to start the final PVP showdown~ So, let's become stronger together, friends, come and fight with me!

*****Official Crack*****

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Phone: 0592-5196568

Enchantress plan
Hossam Galal

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