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Crazy Crown

Crazy Crown

By: 灵游坊

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Mad Crown is a strategy adventure game with roguelike elements. As an explorer, in search of the legendary crown, you use limited resources and meticulous strategies to fight strange enemies in random ruins. What awaits you is unpredictable fear.

【World Setting】

Mankind sent itself on the path of destruction with nuclear weapons. At the same time, the behemoth sleeping in the depths of the earth awakened and fought against the alien visitors. What mankind hears and sees is just like the "end of the world" recorded in ancient books.

With the end of the battle between the giants, the only survivors began to rebuild their civilization on the unrecognizable land.

And now, a hundred years later, the legend of the crest of madness has spread all over the world, and it seems to herald the occurrence of new events.

[Game Features]

——Death tombstone——

Leave your death words to other adventurers

"Please don't walk around on my corpse"

——Network Rescue——

The adventurers reached out to help each other, and all the lost props were recovered.

"Help me up! One more fight!"

——Weird Monster——

Cannibalism, timid escape, evolutionary mutation, the battle process becomes more chaotic and unknown

"How did WTF this monster kill his teammates to upgrade?"

Interested players are welcome to follow us, let's take an adventure together! The latest news and trends of MadCrown will be released on the public account!

Public Account: Crazy Crown

Official test QQ group: 661332667

Crazy Crown
Hossam Galal

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