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Dream unit

Dream unit

By: 麦萌游戏

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"Dream Unit" is a mobile game project produced simultaneously with the domestic female idol animation "DreamUnit-Dream Unit". Five teenagers with different personalities, with different experiences and ideals on their backs, are driven by fate to sway their youth for the same goal.

Different destinies hovering at the fingertips

Diversified story mode, the sparkling adventure begins here

A moving movement, just sing for you

The most ear-catching music, the sexiest voice is gathered here

Break through the other side, present the most gorgeous dance solo

The perfect visual presentation of Live2d and motion capture

Every step towards your dream is in the palm of your hand

A large number of exquisite CG cards, collect all their growth

Connect with the palm of your hand, let me be your Clapper

For more updates on animations and games, please pay attention

Official Weibo: DreamUnit-Dream Unit

Dream unit
Hossam Galal

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