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Brave Diary

Brave Diary

By: 3K独游屋

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This is a high degree of freedom role-playing game, and what we want to present to the players is a colorful and absolutely free adventure world! In this fantasy world, you can freely travel to every corner of the world. In this world, you need to take on tasks, find partners to venture together, make money, change equipment, break up with your companions, visit celebrities, find historical sites, buy boats, improve your strength, and become the greatest brave in the world. In short, players can take risks as they want, and develop their own characters. And the network connection function allows players to enjoy the wonderful adventure together with others.

The world in the game is called Fantasy Continent and consists of three kingdoms. The designs are based on ancient Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Each country has different props, and there are hundreds of kinds of props to choose from; there are dangerous mazes near each town, hiding not only strange enemies, but also treasures and legendary props. After entering the game, you can choose the protagonist’s gender, attributes, occupation, model, etc., and freely create your favorite characters.

The game currently has 6 professions to choose from. The melee tactics and knights rely on their strength and physical strength to act as a physical shield and engage in one-on-one hand-to-hand combat with opponents. Long-range shooters and hunters are placed in the back row of the team to provide stable damage output. The mages and priests can use various spells to help players turn the tide of battle. All professions can get new skills through upgrades, and you can freely create a variety of roles through the combination of skills. A powerful adventurous team should contain a variety of roles: a wizard with powerful destructive power, a warrior who blocks enemies on the front line, a shooter who attacks from a distance, a hunter who is good at summoning pets, a priest who can heal, etc. It is an indispensable and important member. The advantage of teaming is that players can perform many difficult tasks with their partners and receive higher rewards and experience points. And as the game deepens, you will encounter more powerful characters, and you can improve your friendship with them through various means, so that they can finally join your subordinates.

The axis of adventure-commissioned missions are the essence of this game. With no fixed plot, all adventure stories revolve around commissioned missions. By accepting these commissions, players can earn money and exercise themselves. After choosing a new role and starting an adventurous career, the first step is to go to the tavern to find out if there is a suitable commission to undertake. You may only be able to do simple tasks for the time being, such as delivery, shopping, etc. After improving their abilities, they can begin to gradually accept more difficult jobs, such as guarding, crusade, and so on.

The maze is an essential part of the adventure. The random maze in this game is a major feature of the game. In addition to dangerous monsters and traps in the maze, there are also abundant resources, treasures, and companions for players to discover slowly. And all the maze terrain, monsters, treasure chests, etc. are randomly generated, and the player will never experience the exact same maze twice.

Although there are many NPC adventurers in the game to travel with you, artificial intelligence is in no way comparable to real players. The chat room in the game allows you to communicate with friends in time, and more player interaction functions will be opened in the later period to allow better interaction between players.

Official WeChat account: duyouwu3k or 3K single travel house

Brave Diary
Hossam Galal

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