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Don it stop painting the cup of rivers and lakes

Don it stop painting the cup of rivers and lakes

By: 焱焱互娱

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The sweet social fantasy martial arts mobile game "Drawing the Cup of Jianghu Mo Stop" is adapted from the original authorized 3D animation of the same name under Ruosen Digital. In a new overhead world, you will experience the story of Jianghu characters that you have never known. This time, you will become the protagonist in the story and personally participate in the undercurrent battles of the three families of Zhongzhou, Beidi and Southern Xinjiang. In these rivers and lakes, countless adventures and encounters are waiting for you to explore, but no matter what kind of sword, light and sword shadow, there are also rivers and lakes that belong to the rivers and lakes. Looking back at Xu Yishi's gentleness, he said, "Pick up the strokes to draw the rivers and lakes, and the love of this life has been noted."

God outfit feather wings, gorgeous appearance——

The young heroes who are new to the arena can show their individuality at will through a variety of fashion collocations, such as national charm, romantic dresses, cute short skirts, characteristic ethnic costumes, etc., and a variety of appearances. Join the luxury styling queue, and customize your vivid image when the fashion meets the feathered wings of the gods!

Adventurous battles, adventures in rivers and lakes——

The vast arena, and adventures are happening all the time. Here, you will meet masters who are hidden in the city, you will also run into road robbers, you can even bump into a daredevil girl around the corner, they have different missions, and they also have unexpected stunts. Keep adventurous, keep exploring, keep fighting, just to practice and become a stronger self.

Romantic love, stay together in this life——

Encounter soul mates, forge fate, the most authentic wedding process, and the most tacit couple activities. When you meet TA, you will accompany you with red candles and splendor, and watch the lights of the Yangliuan sedan chair side by side. The beauty of fate, you can use the circle of friends function to release you and TA, you and your friends memorable highlight moments.

Make friends with gangs and chat as much as you want——

In the arena, gangs are a great place to meet friends and confidantes, fight side by side with gang members and show off brotherhood, or invite gang members to accomplish goals together. In short, here, you can completely achieve the second match, the second group, the second single, and the real person is not alone in socializing.

Don it stop painting the cup of rivers and lakes
Hossam Galal

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