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Dugu defeat

Dugu defeat

By: 网成科技

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【story background】:

In the middle of the Song Dynasty, a generation of sword demon Dugu appeared in the arena for defeat, a mysterious iron epee defeated the hero of the world, and then retired in the arena, leaving only three iron charms with Kui pattern. Rumor has it that whoever can gather these three iron charms can obtain the invincible sword and martial arts of Dugu Qiuqiu, and dominate the martial arts. Since then, in order to compete for these three iron charms, there have been continuous disputes in the martial arts for more than ten years. Even the largest sects of the orthodox cult have also been involved in this struggle, and the masters of each faction have suffered serious deaths and injuries.

Huo Yifan, the leader of the Zoroastrian Sect of the Western Regions, convened three mountains, five mountains, nine islands and thirteen caves (such as Baituoshan Lingsnake Village, Yunnan Five Poison Sect, etc.) to form the Absolute Sect. Liu Zongyang, head of the Diancang school, united with the twelve martial arts in the Central Plains to form the Haoqi League to fight against it. The two powers of righteous and evil on the rivers and lakes are fighting openly and secretly, and the vengeance is endless, and the power of the court behind is also faintly emerging, which makes the rivers and lakes continuous. For a time, all the heroes of the arena are in danger, and the arena has entered the most chaotic period in a century.

When the protagonist is searching for the truth about the case of his family’s destruction, he slowly understands the secret behind the battle between the two powers-it turns out that King Chitose Shun of the imperial court controls everything behind his back, and King Shun is secretly supporting his own arena. The forces have secretly contacted the aliens in an attempt to usurp the throne.

At the beginning of the story, the main line is the protagonist's revenge. The protagonist has endured humiliation and experienced the world, and his martial arts gradually became more sophisticated. The behind-the-scenes manipulator of Jianghu is actually closely related to Jueshazong and Haoqi League secretly. The protagonist is finally caught in the vortex of the battle between the two major forces.

As the story progresses, the protagonist first punishes Huo Yifan, then reveals the true face of Liu Zongyang, a hypocrite, and finally defeats the hidden master of the world---the conspiracy of King Shun...

However, the disputes between the rivers and lakes are far from over...More earth-shattering secrets are gradually emerging...Where will the protagonist go?

[Game Features:]

1. No role level, no equipment enhancement, no liver or krypton, protect wallet, protect kidney: all equipment drops, all items can be obtained by killing monsters. Unique equipment special effects, unlimited random combinations of equipment attributes, can be obtained through battle. This is the arena of a commoner himself.

2. Open plot mode, rejecting one-click automatic missions: there are only targets, no automatic wayfinding, no prompts, and everything depends on players to explore and find answers. The timeline will never stop. The rivers and lakes will not stay the same. You will experience the grievances of the rivers and lakes, the love of children, the hatred of the family and the country... to create a real dynamic rivers and lakes that are both righteous and evil.

3. Exploration, adventures, rivers and lakes events, equipment and unique learning collection are the main gameplays. Random maps and copies are fully supported, making every exploration battle different. Experience various events in the arena: Huashan on the sword, besieged Guangmingding, and defended against foreign invasions... Experience a variety of combat modes: single-player plot mode, adventure mode, rivers and lakes legend mode, unparalleled battle, camp confrontation...

4. Unlimited changes in skills and mental methods: Currently, there are five sects in the arena (Beggar Gang, Emei, Xiaoyao, Blood Knife, Mingjiao) are open, right and evil are at the discretion of the player. Each sect has hundreds of martial arts skills, and each skill can have up to 5 mental blessing changes, and eventually there are as many as hundreds of skills and mental changes. Full real-time combat, you can combine your own unique skills and routines, and you can change martial arts routines at will, so that every battle is not repeated and boring.

5. The game music is tailor-made for us by Mr. Luo Xiaoyin, the "first person in Chinese game music" who has written the series of swordsman love music, and strives to create a true rivers and lakes charm of chivalrous tenderness.

Dugu defeat
Hossam Galal

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