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Dream Museum

Dream Museum

By: Joyunits Games

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=========Featured gameplay=========

[Free placement of free ideas]

Here you can fully release your creativity, create your own various styles of space through simple operations, and form a ever-changing world with your friends

[Collect and place easily and happily]

The magical Middle-earth world, the unfamiliar alien surface, the treacherous virgin forest, the pink girly feelings... Thousands of ornaments with different styles provide the greatest help for you to organize your own space, and you can easily complete the main line of adventure and Fun minigame, you can constantly get the magical components of our world

[Participate in the theme creation competition in real time]

Every day, there are brand-new themed activities for good friends to participate in, win limited precious ornaments and have the opportunity to get physical fun, whoever can be on the list is up to you, and every work will be presented in front of you. I like it It will give a thumbs-up, and when winning the game, it will also win a lot of partners and fans with the same aesthetics.

[Happy and lively social interaction]

Every work you create will be displayed in the social system. Your talent, your humor, your mood, your thoughts... what you like, and friends who like you will gather and interweave in the comments. Chat and communicate to create a strange world together

[Physical Tide Play Corresponding Virtual Decoration]

All kinds of big-name IP games are gathered here. Not only can you get physical games, you can also get unique in-game trends, which will directly present the original trendiest you and the best collection in the game, with the same collection of hobbies. Friends gather together, exchange trade shows, and play together online and offline

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Here, you can easily search for wonderful and wonderful items and pile them up into ever-changing scenes at will, such as "preparing a surprise" for your best friend and inviting him to join the "Jurassic Expedition", and then with others The "farm" of the players is cool enough to compare with each other~~Of course, everyone is in the hands of the decision-making power! You can also invite aliens to open up a deep-sea farm together, and exchange their cherished tokens... Probably, we are a group of friends, friends and dogs, and we can also create a small town with love together. Maybe it’s called the third. Where is New Tokyo City? Or simply let's build a Mars base and have a social event with the Middle-earth world created by the white-robed wizards and elves next door... You ask me where this cool "beast" comes from? This Chaowan is a limited edition. The price has doubled recently. I grabbed it as soon as the Chaowan platform was released in the game. I got it at the same time as the physical and virtual dolls. I think this one can be at least ten times higher! Don’t forget to grab a chance every day, if you have a good one, you can exchange it with me... By the way, join our group to play together, they are all super cool guys~

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Dream Museum
Hossam Galal

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