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Cat Story

Cat Story

By: 洛神工作室

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Introduction to Cat Story

~A world made by love, may cats be treated kindly~

"Cat Story": Leisure development + business category, a gift for cat fans~~

There are cute, cute, clingy, cold, funny, lazy, curious... all kinds of funny cats are waiting for you to adopt, and cats with different personalities will let you You can't put it down, there is always one of the many types that suits you.

The game is easy to operate, the cat is so cute, you can feed the cat, play with the cat, bathe the cat, meet the needs of the shoveling officers, and choose different professions for the cat: COSPLAYER, brick mover, bank robber , Programmers encouragement teacher, etc., go out to work, earn salary, and be a cat that can be worthy of appearance, but depends on strength to eat, meow~

Cat Story
Hossam Galal

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