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Transcendence: Hunting

Transcendence: Hunting

By: 迹九复苏

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Game description:

"Transcendence: Hunting" is a mobile game with a'two-dimensional strategy placement' centered on'content & novelty'.

Here you will play a fledgling rookie agent (hundreds of talents & skills, free face-squeezing between men and women, career style conversion), and form a team with partners from the six major forces (dozens of characteristic mercenaries/full people) The supernatural joint agent team (simulated breakthrough training, infrastructure development, tactical coordination, attendance tasks) silently maintain world peace and maintain social stability in the shadow of unknown.

In order to fight against supernatural threats such as the Apocalypse, you also need to be mentally prepared enough to deal with various puzzles and choices (random tasks/daily events, ups and downs of the main story/side story, creative RPG gameplay) , Rich stand-alone experience).

For this, are you still hesitating?

Agent, we sincerely invite you to join: Journey into the supernatural world, set sail!

Background description:

"Outside the universe, under the high walls. The soul of resentment originates from desire, and the power of spiritual transmission begins in the world."

New Era In 2030, human society has entered a new era. The rapid development of science and technology has brought a variety of new changes to the world, and mankind has constantly refreshed the records created by predecessors, and has come to a brand new apex of a prosperous and harmonious society.

However, there must be flaws in the shadow of the light. Sins will breed behind the seemingly easy life, threats are indispensable, and the desire of human nature will never be satisfied.

The evil spirits in urban legends have vengeance, and the evil spirits are still there? A biochemical virus developed by an anti-human scientist leaked? Or is it the invasion of alien creatures, etc... Are these just stories fantasised and fictionalized in the work, or are they a pile of'supernatural threats' that are deliberately buried by man?

If you really have the courage to break this'gate' and face the'truth', then please follow our supernatural agents: "Uncover the little-known truth in this shadow..."

Transcendence: Hunting
Hossam Galal

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