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Dice call

Dice call

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Game background

On the continent of Aisi, there is a little magician named Nicole. She is different from other magicians in that she can't make cool fire attacks, or save people's healing skills, etc., but she can summon heroes by making contracts. And she didn't want to summon anyone to be able to summon anyone. She wants to inject soul power to drive her magic item, the dice.

One day, boring Nicole was wandering in the street and heard everyone discussing that the Devil Stil, who has been sealed for thousands of years, seems to be very unstable recently and may cause harm to our world. So the king was ready to summon a powerful magician. Since the seal is in a spiritual space, once you enter, you can't come out casually. Once you come out, the place you passed in front of you will be sealed again, so no one dares to rush into this place casually.

Nicole was very excited when she heard the news, she had long thought of trying her abilities. So I went to find a few partners and signed the contract and embarked on this unknown road...


This is a one-click casual Roguelike game. The player clicks on the dice to summon the corresponding hero to fight the enemy, and finally wins. During the battle, players can gain soul power by killing monsters, and then use the soul power to roll the dice. Through each level, you can get bonuses randomly, and you must use the bonuses to strengthen yourself.

Based on the Roguelike game, this game adds some randomness. At this time, it depends on your European spirit.

Game features

The world of swords and magic, where you can see heroes of various races

Through the unique way of summoning by rolling the dice, you are not given what you want. It depends on your European spirit.

Roughlike-style gameplay in the level-breaking mode, every time I replay it, I find that it doesn’t look the same as the last time.

Dice call
Hossam Galal

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