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Closer is just a stone is throw away

Closer is just a stone is throw away

By: 法力无边工作室

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One of the best indie games of CIGA Game Jam 2019

Hey, Closer! Come, closer!

There is such an autistic person (with a missing triangle on his chest).

He doesn't have a destination, he just knows to keep walking forward, perhaps only turning around when he hits a wall.

You (the player) cannot control him, and you cannot force him to do something.

But you may be able to control some objects on the road (make them translate/rotate) to change his direction.

Through these objects, you will guide him, let him walk on different roads and meet different landscapes.

Along the way, he may encounter some fatal traps and injuries, if he does not avoid them, he will die directly.

He will receive some intimate comfort and encouragement (triangle), and he will also encounter people and things that make him feel uncomfortable (love).

When he gets enough triangles, he can find the "door",

Through that door,

Start the next journey.

When he receives love, he will be more frustrated and weaker until death.

Every journey has an end.

And what does everything you do mean to him? Did it actually help him?

Core gameplay: Through the control mechanism, the characters in the game can collect items smoothly and reach the end.

Closer is just a stone is throw away
Hossam Galal

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