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Detective of the Mist

Detective of the Mist

By: 波克游戏

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The city made of steel and concrete has gradually aged over time. The new city sprouted from the old remains and grew into an island in the sky.

The tragedy of ten years ago seems to have been forgotten, or hidden deep in my heart, leaving the injured person alone in the dark licking their wounds.

The election of the mayor is just around the corner. The participation of robots has set off a new round of social upsurge. The hidden contradictions and conflicts have gradually intensified. Can the coexistence of humans and robots successfully usher in a new era?

Game type: horizontal pixel plot puzzle game

Keywords: Cyberpunk World Robot Detective Pixel

Release platform: IOS Android

Paid mode: copy DLC

Estimated playing time: the game itself-6 to 8 hours

Game features

1. An immersive world of cyberpunk

2. Handmade pixels of craftsmanship

3. Rich fictional stories from the main perspective

4. Diversified puzzle elements

The game supports two control methods:

1. Touch mode

2. Button Mode

Detective of the Mist
Hossam Galal

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