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Lapis Re: Lights

Lapis Re: Lights

By: 盛趣游戏

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Witches are light.

They purify the beasts that threaten people and sing the melody of hope.

The place where the witches study - Flora Girls Academy.

They hold dreams that one day, they will be able to save people and spread smiles.

"So in your world, witches... are called idols, huh?"

You, from a different world, are a legend written in the Book of Prophecy, and are known as the "visiting stranger".

You have become a tutor for the special class at Flora Girls' Academy, and are responsible for guiding the trainee witches.

Their dreams, their worries.

In the midst of the daily chaos, a new "miracle" is about to begin...

"Please teach me more in the future, mentor!"

Lapis Re: Lights
Hossam Galal

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