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Agent Squad

Agent Squad

By: 聚变工作室

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The server has expired, so I can't play now.

Seeing that many players gave low scores and complaints, I would like to say sorry to everyone. If there is a chance, we hope that the team will come back one day, and it will come back with a winning attitude. Thank you.

[Game Introduction]

The content of IO casual games is monotonous but not addictive?

Pesticide games are heavy and competitive?

"Secret Agent Team" is not gold, new gameplay, light operation, heavy cooperation, let's experience a brand new fair competition experience together!

[Game Features]

· Animal agents save the world

Refreshing animal agent settings, distinctive and interesting personalities, each agent has tailored fashion and dazzling special effects to show his personality.

· New settings for casual sports

The combat skills are all innovative, the brainless general attack is cancelled, and the heavy operation is bid farewell to make the battle more rhythmic.

· General skills affect combat strategy

Variety matching brings a variety of professional experience, rich pre-war configuration skills and strategies freely create exclusive agents.

· Rich gameplay, focus on teamwork

The creative competition for resource points and the jailbreak game are all online. Join the team to win bonuses and prepare for the global championship.

[Introduction to how to play]

· Escape from prison

The competition around resources has never stopped. After dying in the battle, he will be locked up in the opponent's prison, waiting for his teammates to rescue him.

If the rescue fails and they are all locked up in prison, they will become inmates and lose the game

·Competing for Wise Crystal

In a remote energy and material collection point, the two teams of agents started a battle for resources.

Which party has priority to occupy the resource points and wins if the collection progress reaches 100%

·Sniper 21

A real super agent needs to prove everything with strength. Whoever gets 21 kills first will win the victory.

In this mode, if individualism is still emphasized, there is only a dead end

·Team Bonus Tournament

Invite friends to participate in the bonus game, get high bonuses, and create a more distinctive agent look.

·Super Championship

Join the team, make more super agents, face the Super Tournament together, and prove your strength with trophies and bonuses!

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Agent Squad
Hossam Galal

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