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烹饪冒险-Cooking Adventure

烹饪冒险-Cooking Adventure

By: Cheetah Games

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Cooking Adventure-The most interesting kitchen game in history! Come challenge your serving speed and get rid of difficult guests~ Exquisite game style, cute heroine, interesting upgrade process, you will love this game!

Cooking Adventure has 20+ different themed restaurants, from pasta restaurant, coffee shop, steak house, sushi restaurant, donut house, Indian restaurant, Korean food to seafood, very rich. Upgrade kitchenware to make more delicious dishes and earn more coins. Decorate your restaurant to attract more guests to dine. Experience the joy of continuously escalating cooking with the cheers and applause of the guests!

Game features:

* 20+ different restaurants, more than 900 ingredients, more than 1,000 levels, and more than 500 dishes are waiting for you to take apart!

* Exquisite and lovely graphics will make your eyes shine!

* Unlock more restaurants, upgrade more kitchenware and restaurant decorations!

* There are lucky balls and lucky dog Willy hidden in the map, go find them!

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*** It is recommended to link Wi-Fi to make the gaming experience better! ***

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烹饪冒险-Cooking Adventure
Hossam Galal

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