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The Secret Original Sin 4—Yuxuan Guyu Incident

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The Secret Original Sin 4—Yuxuan Guyu Incident

By: 快点文化传播(上海)有限公司

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Detectives, happy new year! "The Secret Original Sin 4 Yuxuan Guyu" is about to meet you! Are you happy?

The fourth part is about the story of a secret society.

Legend has it that there is a secret sect called "Jiu Niu Men". The nine members of the sect have different backgrounds and have unique secret skills. They use Yuxuan as their base and gather every three years. They usually use their identities as people from the rivers and lakes as a cover.

This time, it's time for them to meet in Yuxuan again. The leader of the 20-year-old leader will want to wash his hands in the golden basin and retreat. However, the weird nursery rhyme sounded, awakening the painful childhood memories that Ling Dan did not want to recall! Miao Yao will also encounter an unprecedented crisis!

Where is the treasure of the three hundred years in Jiu Niu Gate?

What secret is hidden in Yu Xuan?

How is the weird Gu technique a series of murders?

What is the past story of murder in nursery rhymes?

The fourth part of the hidden original sin, Yu Xuan Gu Yu! All the secrets are waiting for you to unlock!

how about it? Surprise not surprise? Isn't it exciting?

In the new story, of course, there will be new detectives on stage, and there are in the publicity pictures of the characters, so please guess who it is first!

What are you waiting for? Let's make an appointment with five stars!

The Secret Original Sin 4—Yuxuan Guyu Incident
Hossam Galal

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