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Frontier Hunter: Elsa is Wheel of Fortune

Frontier Hunter: Elsa is Wheel of Fortune

By: 冰海心工作室

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After the empire invented the airship, it was finally able to travel between various floating continents and islands, and the territory was able to expand rapidly. In the barren border areas that the imperial government could not reach, the top hunter Elsa led an exploratory team to explore. After breaking through the harsh weather environment, they finally arrived in the New World, but what awaited them was...

Game features

1. Standard horizontal scroll level, with more stable and smooth control, jumping and sprinting can interrupt the rigidity in other actions, and get a more immediate and smooth response.

2. Explore the game world with a sense of wholeness, discover the secret passage connecting two large areas, stray into the secret room, and open the hidden plot.

3. The evolved cartoon rendering technology makes the characters more vivid and rich in expressions.

4. A combat system that emphasizes the sense of blow and refreshment. After the enemy is hit, it can show more traumatic actions.

5. Boss battles that emphasize strategy, familiar with BOSS routines, react quickly, keep distance, and seize opportunities to continuously output damage.

6. With role switching and support system, Elsa will no longer fight alone.

7.2.5D exquisite scene production, beautiful scenery will make you remember deeply, at the same time 3D technology realizes the cool big move performance that cannot be achieved in 2D.

With a more diversified and personalized feature development system, players can choose their favorite route for training, and eventually form more route discussions.

game introduction

This game is a pure "Metroid-like Castlevania" game with exploration as its core, and will contain the core features of this type of game. This game will have a richer plot, more exploration content, more monsters, more changes and personalized development system, more beautiful pictures, smoother actions, we will work hard to make the overall structure of the game Do more perfect and stable, add more characteristic experience, and continue to update more models and more content in the future. Two years ago, Elsa obtained the legendary hunter license and became the new star of the Imperial government army. The imperial emperor was wise and his national power steadily increased. After the invention of the airship, the imperial territory gradually expanded. Elsa has made many achievements for the empire and has become one of the core combat forces in opening up the frontiers.

In this fantasy world where swords and magic are intertwined, Elsa will embark on an epic adventure, leading an expeditionary exploration team to the frontier no man’s land, fighting with unknown monsters, solving the mystery of the world, and why the devil has changed The reason for becoming a hair accessory will also be answered in this work.

Game features

The standard horizontal scroll level has more stable and smooth control. Jumping and sprinting can interrupt the rigidity in other actions, and get a more immediate and smooth response.

Frontier Hunter: Elsa is Wheel of Fortune
Hossam Galal

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