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Pride of Eden

Pride of Eden

By: 游族网络

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"Pride of Eden" is a card development RPG mobile game. Let’s start an adventurous journey in the continent of Eden with the lovely Fei Ling friends!


This continent has not seen the footprints of "animals" for a long time.

Its name is "Eden".

One day, the girls' bodies changed strangely: they grew wings and tails. At the same time, what was obtained was an extraordinary ability. These girls are called "Fei Ling".

The relationship between "Fei Ling" and humans is not harmonious. Because of their abilities, humans feel more fear and jealousy.

Therefore, they were asked to form a "Pride"-an adventure group representing the pride and glory of the kingdom. With their supernatural powers, they can complete various difficult commissions and tasks for mankind.

But this is not an act of trust. Humans have tough rules: Pride’s head must be taken by humans!

"Please! Come and become our new leader!"

▼Greetings from a different world: It is a comrade-in-arms and a partner!

Many Fei Ling of different forms will soon meet with you, and they all have the power of the "animals" you are familiar with.

Form your own Pride adventure team and start the adventure!

Explore the stories of the Scarlet Spirits and help them get rid of their difficulties.

Investigate the secrets of the Scarlet Spirit, the Knights, and the Eden Continent... to find out the truth of this "new world".

▼Gorgeous fighting posture, easy and adventurous everyday

Each Fei Ling has different skills and characteristics. Through matching, a stronger team can be formed!

Semi-real-time battles, gorgeous upright performances, use your excellent command to let each Fei Ling play his own advantages!

Guessing, fortune-telling, quizzes, gold coins...Rich and interesting secret games are waiting for you to experience!

Fight against other leaders to determine the strongest adventure group!

▼The main storyline is dubbed, with a luxurious lineup of voice actors and painters!

Kana A, Shizu Ito, Sumire Uesaka, Kana Ueda, Rena Ueda, Aya Uchida, Mare Uchida, Rumi Okubo, Saori Onishi, Kotori Koiwai, Ami Oshimi, Chiwa Saito, Sina Sagara, Ayane Sakura , Sato Rina, Suuzaki Aya, Taketatsu Ayana, Tachibana Rika, Chiwara Misato, Nitta Emi, Numakura Aimi, Hara Yumi, Horie Yui, Maekawa Ryoko, Mimori Suzuko, Yamaki Anna, Yukibi, Kamura Haruka Wait to participate in dubbing.

A luxurious lineup with the participation of well-known super-popular painters Rella, Zero, DSmile, Xin, etc. The full role is endowed with vivid Live2D dynamics, and the charm is at your fingertips.

▼Strict animal science, also fight for your world

Every Fei Ling’s personal information is attached to her popular science knowledge corresponding to animals in reality.

And this part of the content is directly supervised by the National Geographic Museum of China and the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to ensure that the character image and personality can echo the animal habits in the real world.

The "Pride of Eden" project will continue to deeply participate in public welfare propaganda related to animal protection and environmental protection, and open up a bright future for our world's "Fei Ling" partners.

◇◆Saving their world is also saving your world◆◇

Pride of Eden
Hossam Galal

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