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Doctor I am sick! (Beta)

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Doctor I am sick! (Beta)

By: 北京乐否互动网络科技有限公司

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Big head disease, frogman disease, two spiny newt syndrome, poverty-stricken disease...

How can this hospital only treat these weird diseases?

Emergency room, canteen, ward, pharmacy, rehabilitation center...

Which one should I unlock first among so many departments?

Ghosts, Reapers, commercial espionage, medical troubles...

Can you handle these emergencies?

Chefs, handymen, security guards, doctors, nurses...

Which employee should be hired first?

Hurry up and download it to experience it, weird and fun hospital management games are waiting for you!

[Game Features]

-As many as hundreds of different interior decorations!

-Emergency room, canteen, ward, pharmacy, rehabilitation center... a variety of departments are waiting for you to unlock

-Zombie disease, big head disease, frogman disease, two-spindle newt syndrome, poor disease... all sorts of strange diseases

-Medical troubles, ghosts, death, commercial spies...Various in-game events

Doctor I am sick! (Beta)
Hossam Galal

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