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Siege of the World

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Siege of the World

By: 深圳米趣玩科技有限公司

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The great river goes east, the waves are exhausted, and the eternal lover.

Therefore, to the west of the base, the humanity is, "Siege of the World" of the Three Kingdoms!

Before the moon has fallen, carrying the banner of the war and looking at the river, even if there are thousands of romantic intentions, it is difficult to return. Fortunately, there is also this "Siege of the World" to take you back to the Three Kingdoms. Put aside the troubles of life, and come back to the world of the end of Han Dynasty with me to fight for the world's dominance! Say goodbye to boring and develop mindless gold, reject monotonous tasks, and have a lot of real-time multiplayer activities! Unparalleled fiercely one husband is the key, peerless counsellors have a tricky plan to settle the world, and various gameplays are waiting for you to experience!

[Heaven and earth are chess, the three kingdoms and fourteen states are waiting for the king to regain]

Perfectly reproduce the fourteen states of the Three Kingdoms, Hulao Poshui, Guandu Wuchao, Baima Chibi, and as many as 120 cities where you can be the kings!

Cooperate with the legion system in the game, so that the lord can fight in this central plains! Who can fight to the last to unify the three kingdoms?

[Heroes gather, hundreds of fierce generals summon Hou Jun]

Is Lu Bu courageous and unscrupulous and easy to get caught? It’s not important. It’s not enough to take Zhou Yu to protect him. Is it enough to add Zhuge Liang?

There is no general in Shu, leaving Liaohua to be the vanguard? It doesn't matter, all heroes are assembled, and the trump card duel, can this Northern Expedition succeed?

Wei Shu and Wu Qunying let you choose!

【Diverse internal affairs, work and rest are the kingly way】

A variety of internal affairs systems, a wealth of options for gameplay, the original Three Kingdoms can still play like this? The life and death of the people is between your thoughts when you are poorly armed or wretched and developed!

Siege of the World
Hossam Galal

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