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Tales From The Wasteland

Tales From The Wasteland

By: FarHarbor Studio

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when the world collapses You have to do whatever it takes to survive. Experience a brand new mobile game. Shoot - Scramble - Survive!

- Survive, escape and don't forget! Collect precious resources from the battlefield.

Search for resources in the ruins of the city or take a risk. after the great disaster With hunting other players for rare weapons and equipment, whichever way you decide!

But don't forget Survival from the battlefield with valuable items is the most important!

- The most brutal battlefield that leave you breathless as you struggle to survive

You are a risk taker! Is life and death only a split second? If've come to the right place!

Whether you're trying your luck with your bare hands to find a treasure chest, or holding a full weapon to chase down other players. This battleground is ready for you to choose freely. If you are brave enough to take the risk!

- Adaptable to the character DNA, ready to customize the gun in every part as you like!

Spread your dangerous DNA to your characters in the game. Add awesome abilities in the most brutal battlefield. Customize your DNA as you like. Which skill do you want to add? Get it. Ready for realistic firearms and accessories. that you can customize every piece from a total of more than 10,000 pieces before going to show the ultimate shooting step!

- Build a house in style Modify the resources obtained from the brutal battlefield. Make it a cool home

Build a home in your own style with the precious resources you risked your life for. Ready to design the house as you want. Whether it's a minimalist house, a cool house, or a cute house. You can create them all! Ready to collect and select survivors. To build a camp to produce the necessary resources and help complete the most dangerous missions in this post-catastrophic world!

Tales From The Wasteland
Hossam Galal

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