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Spiral Warrior

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Do you remember the battle top that swept the campus in your childhood?

Just find an iron pot and sit around with friends,

The top collided wildly, and the teenagers shouted one after another passionate moves:

Revolving shooting, iron ball defense mechanism, white tiger claw attack...

Sparks splashed and extinguished, and it's been twenty years since I turned around

Now, the gunpowder of the top battle is rising

The selected child... Heh heh, the warrior who masters the power of the spiral! What are you waiting for? Let's do it!

Here, you can freely mix and match the accessories in your hand to create a unique battle top and compete with your opponents.

The wild you, pursue the limit of offense, create a manic top that madly crushes the enemy;

You who are tough, stick to the solid array and use the indestructible top like a fortress to drain the opponent's energy;

The wise you, stimulate the inner potential of the spinning top, and use the powerful profound meaning to turn the tide of the battle.

Collect accessories, assemble tops, defeat opponents, dominate the world, spiral warriors, waiting for you to fight!

 Game features

[Reappearance of childhood classics, small spinning top dreams]

Classic childhood toys reappear, and relive the experience of childhood spinning tops on mobile phones.

[Free gyro combinations, multi-skills can be built at will]

A variety of gyro accessories can be matched freely to form your own battle gyro. Different accessories, different skill combinations, and different winning strategies.

[Automatic and fast battle, no operation and heavy strategy]

A 30-second no-operation automatic battle, free your hands, and quickly start the fight anytime, anywhere. Only with reasonable matching of accessories and careful formation of troops can you become a true spiral warrior.

[Hundreds of people fighting in the Jedi, who can have the last laugh]

The multi-player survival mode is on. Collect boosters and defeat the opponents you encounter. Want to become The Chosen One? Strength and luck are essential!

Spiral Warrior
Hossam Galal

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