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Monster Investigator

Monster Investigator

By: 株式会社Moka Games

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No Krypton Gold! Leisure and nourish the liver! A sincere placement RPG! Become an aspiring young man (what the hell) who dreams of investigating the monsters of the world and travels across the continent alone!

[Game Features]

1. Hardcore role development

No job setting, no job restrictions!

The network skill tree with more than 200 nodes can train the protagonist to fight against all kinds of monsters at will.

Anemia dodge, double swords of the creature and magic, missile machine gun, immobile like a mountain, soft and hard foam... Use your creative universe to create a unique skill genre!

2. Free rebirth system

When the battle encounters a bottleneck, it can be reborn at any time. Bring the protagonist back to level 1 to retrain and rebuild the skill allocation route.

Obtain fighting spirits to increase the protagonist's talent potential and constantly push the limits!

3. Created by careful balance

There is no strong point and tactics! Different growth stages and different levels have restrained and restrained tactics, and there is no one set of matching points to hit the world.

Your observation and thinking determine whether the protagonist will leapfrog the monsters or be rubbed by the monsters.

4. Full of ideal positioning

We love idle games, but we are tired of brainless numerical expansion, tired of heavy repetitive labor experience, tired of system stacking with weak correlation simply to extend the life cycle.

So we have to create a placement RPG that has the depth of gameplay strategy, but is casual and nourishing!

Monster Investigator
Hossam Galal

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