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I im not a brave anymore

I im not a brave anymore

By: 阿伟工作室

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"I'm not a brave anymore!" "Is a super sand sculpture card mobile game.

[Daily and super fun strategy card experience in the different world of giant ghost animals]

Can you see a protagonist who fell from the sky?

Traveling through another world without a full set of orange outfits but still working for a maid? !

Unprecedented spoof plot, the slot keeps you overwhelmed!

[Kanban maid super cute interaction, what! So you like a hunk? ! 】

In the coffee shop! Outside the fine dining restaurant! In the wild forest!

Huh? How come the maid lady blushes when she taps it~

Etc., etc! It turns out that you like muscles and meat, brother expensive! ?

[Animated plot experience, the strongest this season is none other than me! 】

Explosive opening animation! Am I really watching Fan? !

Comic-style plot switching

Did you lose this golden Owen or silver Owen?

[Easily protect the liver and take risks, don’t underestimate the power of waste wood! 】

Nourish the liver and protect the liver every day, and the protagonist of the waste wood can also save the world!

Where this sword can reach

That's all I want to protect!

[Spoofing easter eggs in Dalian, cute girls actually do such a thing? ! 】

My house is quite big. Will Awei come to visit it? (Beaten)

The role of hilarious small theater between the scenes!

Children make choices, but I want them all!

I im not a brave anymore
Hossam Galal

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