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Lord of Wild

Lord of Wild

By: 飞米科技

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Lord of Wild is a post-apocalyptic SLG game in which you will be the governor of the underground fortress, the last hope of mankind, to sustain the survival of your people and expand your power. The lack of resources, mutated creatures, the harsh climate, the vicious roving bandits, and the refuge of other powerful soldiers will not stand in your way of conquering the war zone in the heart of the city!


- Build a prototype of an apocalyptic war world, manage the operation of the underground fortress and the lives of its members from a deadly angle, and experience the unique fun of simulation management through a carefully arranged development route.

- The powerful armor will be on the battlefield, and you'll be able to show your ambition. You can also switch between modes and transform your body to expand your horizons.

- Roguelike adventure gameplay, in which you will find a different kind of surprise and fun.

- The four types of soldiers and heroic abilities will work together to bring you a glorious end-of-the-world war.

- The unique doomsday heroes are waiting for you to discover their potential in operations and warfare.

Lord of Wild
Hossam Galal

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