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Kevin's Adventure

Kevin's Adventure

By: 益时光

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Puzzle Platformer+Strategy+360° Rotating Viewing Angle


Pixel Graphics+Relaxing+Cyberpunk


Task:Change your perspective to find a way out.

Principle:The object is big when near and small when far.

Original Story:An adventure about science and love.

Various scenes:Each level has its own theme.

【How to play】

The is rule simple -- the object is big when near and small when far.

So as long as the perspective is correct, any place can be easily reached matter how far it is.


Crazy scientific research turns prosperous cities into wasteland.

Our protagonist Kevin who was born due to the experiment embarked on a journey of adventure through abandoned cities, neon lit market streets, ancient mysterious relics and amazing underwater world.

In addition to the attractive main story, there are also many easter eggs waiting to be discovered by players.

Hossam Galal

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