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Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE

Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE

By: Sunrise

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During the "Code Geass New Project" Live Stream, two series-related works have been announced. According to the announcement and trailer, one of them "Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE" is a RPG & Simulation game for mobile based on the "Code Geass" universe with 3 original main characters.

Yoshimitsu Ohashi and Goro Taniguchi created the original story in addition to being executive supervisors for the new game. CLAMP designed the characters. All Code Geass animations and characters will appear in the game.

"Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE" will release in Spring 2021.

Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE
Hossam Galal

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