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MEDIUM5 game project is a strategy game in production by the joint team of Quadimension, a music composition society, and Musync, an independent audio game.

Legend has it that a long time ago, several races on the planet, such as humans, elves and beast souls, developed their own unique civilization for thousands of years, until the "cataclysm" of the invasion of extraterrestrial spirits came to ...... Although the guardian god ZERO fought to the death to protect the planet and defeated the powerful Although the patron saint ZERO fought to the death and defeated the powerful enemy, but the planet has been devastated, no longer suitable for survival. The seriously injured ZERO decided to split into "origin crystals" to restore the planet's ecology.

"After the catastrophe, the planet gradually returned to a condition suitable for survival, but the simultaneous appearance of the "resonant body" and the "Etheric shield" made the wilderness a crisis. The remaining civilizations had to hold their own positions, or survive in close proximity to each other based on geographical location, and develop in isolation in the midst of distress. Human civilization survived in this dangerous environment, relying on the development of technology and constantly strengthening fortifications to have the appearance of peace and stability.

Now, more than two thousand years later, a new crisis is brewing.

Hossam Galal

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