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Voyage Diary 2

Voyage Diary 2

By: 海兔工作室

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Game introduction:

As the orthodox sequel to "The Voyage Diary", this game not only inherits the high degree of freedom of the previous game, the top trading runners, rich products and systems, etc., but also absorbs the various players proposed in the past two years that cannot be achieved in a generation. Suggestions for adjustment; we have redesigned the entire game framework, hoping that this game will not only satisfy the old players who like a generation, but also attract more players who have not played the generation before or who feel that the previous generation has a bad experience to re-recognize us .

The following are the differences compared to the first generation:

1. Networking mode-from the former single-machine weak network to the current real-time network. Firstly, players can collaborate and chat, and secondly, they are not afraid of changing the party. Stand-alone streaming players don’t have to worry, we still maintain the setting that one person can complete everything. If you want to play by yourself, you can always play by yourself. If you want to play with your friends, you can play with your friends. Don’t worry about being killed. Good experience.

2. Painting style-As a 3 person team, now it has slowly become 11 people. Finally, it is possible to lower the cost of art, and the image quality has been greatly improved. Although it is impossible to compare with the big companies with 3D high-modulus at every turn, pixel wind should be the most cost-effective way for a small team like us, and we have also achieved the filter effect of night and more weather, so that everyone More realism. I don’t know how the new and old players accept it, I hope you will like it.

3. Adventurous gameplay-the relics of the previous generation are gone forever, and we have done the land expedition you want. . . You can run merchants on land (it must be less efficient than those on the sea), you can explore, change skins, and change equipment. We have everything we need for land warfare.

4. Trade gameplay-once due to cost reasons, we only did two things in the city. . . I'm really sorry everyone. This work will be more or less different according to different regions, Chinese style, European style, Halal, Indo-Thailand, Japan and South Korea. The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Pyramid, and all the miracles of the world that should be arranged must be arranged. But the most important thing is that the selling price of the goods is dynamic. The things you sell can be bought in stores, and will affect the future price trend. We will do whatever the stock market is, and businessmen don’t have to worry about one. Play the fixed route until I vomit.

5. How to play naval warfare-the biggest change should be that it can support ship-to-board warfare. The melee ship has a rope skill that directly triggers the connection to the side. Our rowing boat is no longer a vegetarian. Secondly, the real coordinates and the ship's skin and color change have also been realized. The operation method will also become a single ship operation like the land warfare, and the handicapped party can still play very well.

6. Shiretoko (homeland) gameplay-we have added the production system and the manufacturing system. The production system can plant land, log wood, mine, hunt, and fish; use these to obtain materials. Then the manufacturing department looks for blueprints to manufacture equipment, and the equipment manufactured each time is unique.

7. How to play buddha (on-hook)-if you feel tired every day, you can collect on-hook, trade on-hook, and dispatch fleets.

8. Interactivity-In addition to teaming up to fight pirates, dungeons, and bosses, the most important thing is that you can compete for city ports. . . Commercial warfare, land warfare, naval warfare, you are bound to experience all kinds of fun.

9. Summary-In general, this is a brand new nautical sandbox game that further improves the degree of freedom. Whatever you want to do, live whatever life you want, don’t worry about practicing the wrong number if you don’t have a career, as long as you are happy. And, as a domestic game producer, I hope to make a difference to our game circle. We don't want to make a game that pays tribute to "The Great Sailing Era". There are too many such games. It's boring for everyone to copy it. It's time to break those frameworks, we want to make our own "Navigation Diary 2".

Voyage Diary 2
Hossam Galal

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