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The Road to Disorder

The Road to Disorder

By: umoni

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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1. fine pixel cool light and shadow, visual impact spectator are high.

2. a variety of weapons and skills, unlimited stacking to strengthen the dregs.

3. free choice of adventure routes, random levels of different encounters.

⭐️ introduction ⭐️

Mastering the rapid rise of technology Metropolis and conservative belief in the ancient king of magic, the fierce armed conflict has lasted for years! The whole world is destroyed by the holes, living in this era, whether born with a sensitive body Inhumans, or more than the human technology, are displaced in the war, can not stand this dispute Inhumans and humans set up a new organization to oppose this war, hoping that both sides can reach peace. The leader of this organization, Fleck, is a wise leader, and under his leadership the Peace Army, the Inhumans, and the humans have reached an agreement that peace between the two sides will be reached in the near future. But on the same night that Frank just concluded the tripartite agreement talks, Fleck died in a strange way, on his desk before he died, leaving a letter with only blood, apparently a temporary clue left by Frank before he died, the letter above the blood is: the road to disorder!

The day after Frank's accident, the base came to a number of uninvited guests ......

The Road to Disorder
Hossam Galal

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