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The Revival of Feifei Story

The Revival of Feifei Story

By: Gala Lab Corp.

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"The Resurrection of Feifei Story" is released by the original developer Gala Lab of Feifei’s genuine mobile game simultaneously worldwide. The Chinese version will be launched on the Apple Appstore, recreating the 13-year classic. Feifei fans, wait a minute, you will be able to play in China soon!

[It's not just classics that have been renewed in 13 years]

A magical "Flying Magic" MMORPG, cute fairy tale shape, unique flying gameplay make it stand out in many games, and it is very popular with fans all over the world. This time is not only a re-enactment of the classics, but also full of memories of several generations, just to keep the original love!

[Savour carefully and reproduce perfectly]

Remember the various brooms lying in your backpack? Remember when you got lost and flew to Daken but didn't dare to come down because of piranhas all over the ground? It is Feifei that allows us to experience the infinite joy of MMORPG, and it is Feifei that allows us to get acquainted with friends who are fighting hard together. The new Feifei mobile game version not only highly restores the classic characters and classic scenes, but also retains the gorgeous ground combat and refreshing air flight system. A unique aerial copy that everyone can experience while riding a broom on their mobile phone.

[Upgrade system that Xiaobai can quickly get started]

Warrior, wizard, priest, archer, who did you belong to? "The Revival of Feifei Story" while retaining the classic career advancement, it also adds a brand-new operation mode. Continuing Feifei’s worldview, the brand-new 300+ main missions and rich daily activities can help players quickly upgrade without pressure, and start an amazing adventure of safeguarding the peace of the Madrigal continent!

[A copy of the air, a different world]

I believe that for the old Feifei players, in addition to daily tasks and battles, one of the most favorite things to do is to ride a magic broom like Harry Potter, or a cool skateboard, in this fairy tale full of surprises Free flight in the world. Feifei mobile games still retain air copies, gold coin copies, material copies, and special copies. Everyone can use unique and unique mounts to explore together in a team every day. When you are tired, you will take your friends to fly around the world to see the scenery, the night sky, and the stars!

[Passionate Blood, 40V40]

How can such a magical MMORPG mobile game lack the PVP mode that makes players excited? That's right, in addition to a large number of copy games, "Feifei Story: Revival" also has a 40V40 battle system. Let our pride and lofty aspirations sway on this battlefield!

There are always some people that make us unforgettable; there are always things that make us remember. Time has passed, the mobile game "Revival of Feifei Story" brings us together again. Quickly pick up the broom with your friends and swim this classic romance together. Let us Feifei together!

The Revival of Feifei Story
Hossam Galal

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