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The endless journey of a navigator

The endless journey of a navigator

By: 枫之烨工作室

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"Navigator's Endless Journey" is a nautical-themed placement strategy RPG mobile game. In the pixel-style nautical world, you can experience a thrilling ocean voyage.

What will you experience during an ocean expedition?

Demon Territory Island, Rock Country, Volcanic Island, all kinds of strange levels are waiting for you to conquer, and there are more mysterious resource islands for endless exploration

How can the sea trip lack logistics?

Lack of equipment, materials, and seafarers? It can be done in the port. Port policies, achievement collection, gem creation, and rich port buildings are waiting for you to use

Few weapons in hand to go sailing at sea?

The knight's epee, the wizard's staff, the exclusive three-level attributes of different weapons and armors, constitute thousands of combinations, freely create exclusive equipment, and speed up your sailing!

Always feel that there is not enough manpower on the adventure road?

Go to the tavern to recruit seamen! Retired sword fighters, brave kingdom soldiers, and alien musketeers, different heroes have different skills, forming the perfect team on the adventure!

An army of monsters on the adventure road?

The strange thunder-swallowing frog, the fiery demon in the depths of the island, the deep-sea death blocking the way, defeat the magical monsters, and explore the secrets of the island!

The endless journey of a navigator
Hossam Galal

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