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Ice storm

Ice storm

By: 快乐芒果

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Game background plot

The mobile game "Ice Peak Storm" is adapted from the movie "Ice Peak Storm" starring Zhang Jingchu. It is an interactive movie game with a story related to the background of the game. It is about the surrounding countries of the Himalayas on the eve of the peace conference. The documentary plane crashed in the southern part of Mount Everest. In order to retrieve the document that could disrupt the meeting, the intelligence agents asked members of the Wing Team to help climb the southern part of Mount Everest and retrieve the document. In the game, you can change the fate of the character through different choices, explore hidden clues, and unlock stories that are not told in the movie.

Brief description of gameplay

The movie "Ice Peak Storm" is an adaptation of the game with the same name. It is a live-action interactive video work taken from film materials and highlights, allowing users to get a mixed experience of film + game + interactive narrative.

The game has 4 main endings and multiple ordinary endings. In the interactive form, in addition to the way of making choices, it also adds interesting gameplay such as QTE and connection.

The game is divided into 6 chapters.

Ice storm
Hossam Galal

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