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失落的琴弦-The Lost Strings

失落的琴弦-The Lost Strings

By: Glass Studio

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【Two-person online cooperative adventure game】

This is a cooperative adventure game that only two people can play. Call your friends to embark on an adventure together!

[Two character heroes]

Patti, the ugliest heroine in history, is a blind girl with an arrogant tongue.

Bobbi, a half magical wizard, is a cute and chatty chestnut monster.

[Use sound signals to work together (make) and make (die) with each other]

Blind woman:

-You can't see the environment ahead, you need to rely on the sound signal given by the wizard to act.

-Can catch and use sound magic ball.

-You can use weapons to attack the enemy.


-You can see the surrounding environment clearly, and you need to send out different sound signals to guide the blind girl.

-Able to use magic to turn the blind girl into a magic ball.

[Sound puzzle solving]

To open the door lock, all you need is a sound similar to unlocking.

To avoid the poisonous smoke, you need to catch the wind and use it to disperse the smoke.

Collect a variety of sound magic balls to solve the puzzles in the switch card.

[Playful and humorous dialogue]

Encounter funny nonsensical NPCs during the journey and have a playful and humorous dialogue.

[Fairytale mix and match scene design]

The art materials for the demo demo are drawn by the studio members.

Covering the dungeon, the library, the Skeleton Duke’s cell and other scenes,

And the trench oil factory under the castle.

失落的琴弦-The Lost Strings
Hossam Galal

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