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"Swordsman" is a legendary mobile game with a fairy style, which not only integrates the atmosphere of the fairy, but also retains the most classic gameplay of the legendary game. Familiar tactics of the Iron Triangle, monster spawning in the wild, dungeon explosions, arena PK, multiplayer team battles, gang melee, siege group battles, let you feel the hearty bloody battle. There are also a variety of equipment collocations, to create your own cool fashion, and the battle to upgrade gorgeously. It can also reproduce the brilliant and classic Shabak battle of the year!

[Game Features]

Combat mode: The battle in the game is real-time battle. The three occupations have their own different characteristics, thus generating strategies. Through operations, players are placed in a real hegemony.

Skills: Using a flexible and complete skill structure, all skills can be combined into any strange and complex skills, and can be easily expanded when necessary, passionate combat action, dazzling full-screen skill special effects, There is a refreshing feeling of blood spurting.

Background: The game screen is exquisite, and the original dynamic technology is used, so that the player's behavior in the game will interact with the scene, bringing you a brand-new dynamic game experience. The realistic and gorgeous art style and the rigorous plot design have constructed a very substituting fairy atmosphere.

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【Light Wing System】

Light wing function: The light wing system is activated when the player reaches level 50, and the player can enter the light wing system through the light wing tab in the character interface.

Light Wing Upgrade: Players can upgrade Light Wing and other ranks by consuming feathers and gold coins. After Light Wing is upgraded, they can get a lot of attribute bonuses and can activate the gorgeous Light Wing appearance.

Light wing tempering: Through the light wing interface, the light wing tempering is carried out through the tempering interface. When the light wing reaches the third level, the light wing tempering can be carried out. After the tempering reaches the upper limit, the advanced light wing is required to unlock the next level of tempering Refining; Refining is divided into three different refining methods: injecting soul, gathering soul, and condensing soul. Different refining methods consume different refining materials.

【Guild System】

Players can choose to join a guild or create a guild. The guild can not only enhance the interaction and know partners, but also obtain gang contributions by consuming equipment that they no longer need. Use the contribution to redeem equipment in the gang’s warehouse, as well as gang red envelopes to receive , More passionate gang activities, participating in different gang activities can get different rich rewards.

The battle for hegemony in the sand city is a large-scale event that the guild cannot miss. , By participating in the battle for hegemony in the sand city, the guild leader who wins the victory will receive the title of the overlord of the sand city and ingot rewards, and the guild can also get expensive rewards.

【War Soul System】

The battle spirit system has a total of ten ranks. You can activate the acupuncture points by rising stars to improve the battle spirit's attributes. When all acupuncture points are activated, the battle spirit will be upgraded. The battle spirit will not actively attack the player. It is used by the player to assist when killing monsters. It can improve efficiency. The battle spirit has a combination function. After clicking the combination, the battle soul disappears and the attributes will be added to the attributes of the character. Different classes have different attributes. Combine skills.

【Achievement System】

The achievement system consists of two parts: the achievement function and the official seal function. The achievement function is activated as the main task is completed. The achievement and official seal can be operated by opening the achievement interface.

Official seal function:

1. The official seal title can be obtained by upgrading the official seal. The official seal is divided into 10 official positions, and each official position needs to be upgraded by 10 stars to be upgraded.

2. Upgrade the official seal by consuming achievement points and gold coins. Achievement points can be obtained by completing achievements, activities or using achievement tokens. Achievement tokens can be obtained through shopping malls.

3. The upgrade of the official seal attribute will increase the life limit, attack, and block boss damage attributes.

【Rebirth System】

Rebirth upgrade: Rebirth upgrade is done by consuming cultivation base. After the character rebirth, a large number of attribute bonuses can be obtained. The higher the character's reincarnation level, the more cultivation value needed to upgrade.

Cultivation base: The cultivation base can be obtained through daily redemption (can be exchanged 3 times a day) or by purchasing the cultivation base pill for trial. Xiuweidan has daily usage restrictions. ,

Rebirth promotion: The higher the rebirth level, the higher the level of wearable equipment. And you can enter a higher-level map, so as to obtain better combat power.

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