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Square Legend

Square Legend

By: 华夏乐游 LarkRoad Games

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The Square Legend mini game is online

Asian game companies have invested several billions of dollars; they have created a square dance brand that no one knows; they cannot make money and cannot withdraw cash.

Franchise: less than 10 gameplay methods such as the collection of Internet celebrity characters, dancing in the square, coming out and being beaten, and fighting uncivilized behaviors

[Collection of influencers] At present, 22 influencers have joined, and other influencers have expressed their desire to let go

[Ten Lian Lucky Bags] Bloodline authentication, smuggling to Europe, changing fate against the sky, these services are not available

[Coming out and being beaten] People are floating in the square, how can they not be teased, but I want to run after being teased, so I can only tell you to come out and be beaten

[Game Welfare] New players register and send hundreds of thousands, of course it’s just game coins

[Warm reminder] With this game, you can go to classmates and colleagues to pick up hahahaha laughter, don’t miss it

Square Legend
Hossam Galal

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