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Pioneering: Fantasy

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"Pioneering: Fantasy" is a place-and-hook game with synthetic elements as the mainstay. The plot of the game is carried out by the player accidentally breaking into the fantasy continent. It tells the story of an ordinary junior high school female student finding his way home in the fantasy continent. .

The game map is composed of 8 chapters. Players can rely on continuous synthesis to constantly update the protagonist’s equipment, and can unlock pets, enchantments, clothing, sacred seals and other items to strengthen the protagonist and help the protagonist reach the final map: The Gate of Heaven Find a way home. The style of the game is cute and simple, with hundreds of equipment that can be matched with the protagonist. Enchantments and costumes have cool appearances that can be used to decorate and strengthen the protagonist. Dozens of Q cute pets are available for players to upgrade. And there is a magnificent main city where players need to defend and plunder other players' main city to grab resources.

Pioneering: Fantasy
Hossam Galal

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