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Light Dream Tan: The Story of Urn

Light Dream Tan: The Story of Urn

By: 游世万屋

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【story background】

After the Meiji Restoration, Tomimon Shinto was regarded as a "fornication ***" and was abolished. After the war, the national Shinto institutions also changed from serving the public to a non-governmental organization. The prestigious Tomimon family fell. At the same time, the Fujiwara family in the dark still controls the lifeblood of the Japanese National Onmyoji.

In 2013, the successor of the Domimon family, Domimonk, suddenly appeared, sealed the Kyoto spiritual place and controlled the worship of many shrines. The battle between the Shikigami and the Tomimon family under Fujiwara’s sato-gosho and the Tomimon family in Kyoto at night has caused the opposition of the various forces in Kyoto.

Among them, the monks represented by the Tantric Buddhism and the Lvzong called for the suppression of the war between the Onmyojis and held a meeting. And invited the Chinese Master Lu Zong to participate in the Fa conference.

Without knowing the truth, Wu Yuanying and Lu Xinlan, who were entrusted by the elders of the Daci Temple in Chengdu, Sichuan, embarked on a journey of crisis and unknown.

[Light Dream Tan-Urn Chapter -]

"Light Dreams" is a series of stories about the inheritance and change of religions, myths and legends in modern society. And "Urban Chapter" is the first text adventure game made by our Yushimanya.

Lightness is the lightness of light novels. Since it is a fantasy theme, it faces more young people, or people who are still teenagers in their hearts. For people who write stories, everything they create is to weave their own dreams for themselves and their readers. So we originally planned to make a story with JK in Chengdu as the protagonist, but because it involves a specific city, and the content of the story is obviously not in line with the national conditions. So there was such a prequel (well, there is a crater here) that started from Chengdu and took place in Kyoto.

After all, in the city of Kyoto, monsters and shikigami, temples and shrines are all cultural symbols that it is proud of. The culture of Buddhism and Taoism has been merged and changed in other countries and passed on in other forms, presenting a more beautiful and delicate sense of violation that is difficult to articulate. This contradiction is inseparable from the nationality of the city of Kyoto or Japan.

The opposition between the Tsundere Onmyoji and the Black-bellied Guardian who stand in different positions for their respective duties, but refuse to cooperate?

The contradiction between those who want to get rid of the shackles of the family and regain their freedom and those who want to be recognized by the family and prove themselves?

The growth of a girl who lacks confidence but is given a heavy responsibility?

So although this is an AVG, it is not a galgame. There are not so many wives surrounding the player to make you entangled in the strategy. All the people in the story have are entanglements and choices about their own destiny. Even so, I hope you will find your favorite characters in this fictional story.

-Game Features-

The AVG category has not been optimistic until now. We have neither money nor capital to show off. From the script to the art production to the music and dubbing, we can only do it ourselves and do it with our heart. That's probably the case.

Fine art as fine as possible

The best possible music

As gorgeous as possible

More than 6 different branch endings

40W+ words of the game script, Chinese and Japanese bilingual dubbing, about 15+ hours of story flow

——The destiny spanning thousands of years is ushering in the end of reincarnation. ——


Planner/producer: gospeler

Script: gospeler

Production Team: Yushimanya Production Team

Performance: gospeler, star bird, cocoloo

Original painting: a fox fairy, square chi, poetic sound, eight fish and ten temples

Plane/UI: Baishui's special words

Music: Lin Fangzhou / Social Phobia Synaps

Promote PV: cocoloo

Light Dream Tan: The Story of Urn
Hossam Galal

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