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Sandbox Oasis (beta)

Sandbox Oasis (beta)

By: 莫邪游戏

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For people who are exhausted from the toil of daily life, we introduce you to a beautiful and relaxing game.

With simple manipulation, you can enjoy the joy of returning to nature.

Create a variety of habitats and collect various animals. You can enjoy all kinds of happy and cute animals!

You can also enjoy the beautiful pictures of the continent and the ocean, and you can also experience the changes of the seasons and various environments where the sun rises and sets!

When a continent is full of life, you can reach another continent. Give birth to a different animal and experience a different mood!

Spend a leisurely time accompanied by peaceful music and cute animals.

Game features:

-Simple and easy to understand game method

-Various cute animals and birds

-Cute animations of various animals

-Beautiful land scenery

-Beautiful melody music and waterfall sound

Experience the simulation game and find inner peace-download it now!

Sandbox Oasis (beta)
Hossam Galal

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