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Infinity: Strings of Destiny

Infinity: Strings of Destiny

By: V+游戏社

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"Want to understand the meaning of life? Want to really... live?"

—The world is infinite —

The universe we are in is just one of the infinite universes

In a mysterious space

Brings together the heroic spirits from various universes

Those who want to control their own destiny

Here to cross time and space to take risks and trials

Their stories are circulated in the multiverse in the form of dreams and inspirations

Recorded in the form of movies, novels, and animations

Thoughts sculpted reality

What you think is what you think

And now

You came here...

Where is the end in endless different worlds?


Travel through different universes and play multiple worldviews in one game.

Conquer the battlefield with the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, in the Journey to the West and the Great Sage descending on demons and slayers, as long as you want it, you can do it in the infinite universe.

(Maybe I might meet Thanos)

[Rich roles]

As a rare infinite streaming game, there are not a large number of characters that can be worthy of the word "infinite".

Well-known IP characters + historical heroes + random characters constitute our huge character pool.

Demon King Wukong, God King Dante, Wind Spirit, countless characters travel through time and space, gathered here

[Innovative gameplay]

Roguelike+Auto Chess+Cards

The game is full of uncertainty. The map is random, the events are random, and even the cards are random. Each exploration is a new experience for the ship.

Adopt auto chess combat gameplay, real-time strategy, use your favorite characters to line up and match the camp

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Infinity: Strings of Destiny
Hossam Galal

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