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Undecided case book

Undecided case book

By: miHoYo

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"Under this commission, you will face a gamble. If you win, you will be successful, and if you lose, you will be forever."

You are just a new lawyer with a good yearning for the future. In the process of resolving the entrustment, he was accidentally involved in an unknown conspiracy.

A pile of seemingly unrelated cases, but hidden inextricably linked.

The black hand behind the scenes subverted the common sense of the world and completely shredded all the beautiful visions for the future.

When the truth of the event is covered by heavy fog, when the boundary between good and evil becomes blurred, when words are reduced to the weakest argument...

At the moment when the result of the hard pursuit runs counter to the world--

Will you stick to the original choice?

"Undecided Events Book" is a mobile game of legal and political love reasoning developed by Mihayou, joined by first-line voice actors such as Jiang Guangtao, Zhao Lu, Yang Tianxiang, and Jin Xian. You will play the role of a new lawyer, and you will be involved in an unknown conspiracy in the process of working with him to resolve a bizarre commission. This is a love x reasoning adventure, what choice will you make?

[Luxury voice actors create immersive plot experience]

Massive plot text, specially invited first-line voice actors: Jiang Guangtao, Zhao Lu, Yang Tianxiang, Jin Xian...The lineup is luxurious and full of sincerity, creating the most immersive game experience.

[Dynamic card surface captures every moment of heartbeat]

Nearly a hundred beautiful and dynamic card faces capture every moment of heartbeat. Each date card has a plot record, engraving the bits and pieces with him.

[Clues collection to explore the truth of the story]

High-degree-of-freedom 3D on-site evidence search, interlocking evidence and testimony analysis. You will uncover the truth through careful investigation and rigorous reasoning.

[Exclusive branch line gradually enters his heart]

Each protagonist has his own personal branch. You can explore the unknown side of him and step into his inner world. You can also interact with him intimately and feel the temperature of love at your fingertips.

Undecided case book
Hossam Galal

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