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Rune language

Rune language

By: 北京魔书

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Rune Language:

Rune Language is an adventure game in Rouglelike mode.

Players act as a hero who can manipulate any ability, guard the crystal, and resist the invasion of monsters.

[Random scene, environment interaction]

The content of the scene is completely random, and the adventure is full of unknown and mysterious. Smashing the barrels in the map can randomly drop different treasures, and there are even powerful dragons hidden in the barrels. The fire, poison, and other elements in the scene can all be used by the player.

[Random runes, BD gameplay genre]

Through the rune and the activated Rune Language, players can play completely different BD game routines.

The game contains a total of 100 runes representing different abilities. Every time you start the game, you will get 13 runes randomly, which is the player's initial ability. Multiple runes of the same type can activate the connected rune language, which is a more powerful ability. Every time a wave of monsters is killed, there will be a chance to replace any one of the 13 runes. By exchanging runes, players can collect runes of the same type to activate more Rune Language.

[Equipment free creation]

The equipment attributes are completely randomly generated, and the suit attributes are also completely random attributes. If you are not satisfied with the attributes, you can re-randomize. Players can use the combination of equipment attributes and rune attributes to develop powerful novel abilities.

[Easy to operate, but rich in strategy]

There is only one button, one-handed panic. Players only need to control the position of the character to easily pull monsters, gather monsters, kill monsters, avoid them, use the terrain of the site, use map elements, and smash the wooden barrels to obtain superpowers.

Rune language
Hossam Galal

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