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Survival simulator

Survival simulator

By: 东品游戏

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Survival simulator is a hardcore survival sandbox game under the background of civilized apocalypse.

You will control the protagonist to work hard to survive on a dangerous unknown planet. The environment, climate, and organisms are all threats all the time, and they are also precious resources that can be used, depending on your skills and ideas.

Game features:

* Random world

Explore, collect and survive in randomly generated worlds, explore islands and caves, find supplies, minerals and treasures

* Climate change

On the surface world, day and night alternate, and the climate is changeable. Various severe weather such as blizzard, heavy rain, scorching heat, dense fog, etc. will take turns

* Freedom to build

Build buildings and walls to delimit your sphere of influence, reclaim land for land or dig land for sea, and create your favorite island residence

* Hostile forces

Establish defense facilities, equip armors and weapons, bring medicines and magic potions, and be ready to repel the invasion of pirates and various monsters

* Become a farmer

Explore the potential use value of more than 20 kinds of plants in the game, eat, sell or other magical uses, and enjoy the beautiful gifts of nature

* Doomsday Technology

Powerful apocalyptic surviving technology, you can use the space-time transmission device to travel fast or transmit materials, or use the circuit system to create a modern life and defense system

Survival simulator
Hossam Galal

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